Chapter Sketches

Foreword” by John Mohawk

Wilderness and Storytelling” by Joe Sheridan and Penelope Ironstone-Catterall

The Tree of Meaning and the Work of Ecological Linguistics” by Robert Bringhurst

Literary Haida Gwaay: Some Traveller’s Notes” by Sean Kane

Shadow” by David Abram

On Speaking Terms Again: Transformation of the Human-Earth Relationship Through Spontaneous Painting” by L. M. Lipsett

Bodytruths: Resonance” by Mary Ann O’Connor

In Search of Tawny Grammar: Poetics, Landscape and Embodied Ways of Knowing” by Rishma Dunlop

Tricksters (In the Shadow of Civilization)” by Jim Cheney

Halito. Chim achkuma? Sa-hoschifo-ut.” by Lee Hester

“The Word for World is Story: Myth, Appropriation, and Identity” by Mark. Dickinson

Afterword” by Dan Longboat

Web Editor’s Statement: “Wilderness, Storytelling, Epistemology” by Richard Costa

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